Shipping notes:

OptiMizers weigh about 100 pounds each and are shipped on pallets. They are delivered by large, commercial transport trucks. The cost of shipping depends on the number of OptiMizers you are purchasing and the shipping address. Once you enter your address, a shipping and handling charge will be calculated and applied to the cart.

After you place your order, you will be sent the anticipated shipping date within two business days. You will be sent shipping details, including the carrier, tracking number, and delivery date on the day your order is shipped. You will be called by the carrier to schedule delivery.  Please ensure that someone inspects your shipment prior to accepting or signing its receipt.  If there is any shipping damage to an OptiMizer, refuse the shipment and have the damaged OptiMizer reloaded on the truck and returned to us so we can send you a replacement. If you accept or sign for an OptiMizer that has been damaged in transit, it is your responsibility and we cannot provide a replacement free of charge.

Our standard shipping costs assume:

1. normal farm delivery locations within the zip or postal code provided. If your address is in a remote location, additional shipping costs may apply. In this case, you will be contacted to decide if you wish to proceed and pay additional shipping costs. You may cancel the order and be fully refunded if you decide not to proceed.

2. for one OptiMizer, a regular truck will be scheduled. One OptiMizer can be lifted off a truck by hand assuming you have 2 able-bodied people available to receive the delivery. If you do not have 2 people available, and/or require a special truck with a liftgate to lower the OptiMizer to the ground, please contact us at or 519-803-6582. Additional charges will apply.

3. up to five OptiMizers can be stacked on one pallet. For orders of 2 or more OptiMizers, the additional cost of a truck with a liftgate is included in the shipping estimate. 



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