Hay Feeder for Horses

Slow Feeding. Quick Filling.

Optimize Feeding

  • Keep hay clean—out of colic-causing sand or wasting in the mud.
  • Mimic grazing—horses eat slowly with their heads down in a natural position.
  • Create a safe herd environment for feeding—horses are content eating together at a single OptiMizer.

Save Hay and Money

  • Stop wasting hay on the ground. 
  • Prevent overeating—slow feed netting regulates consumption
  • Spend money on hay that is eaten, not on mucking up soiled hay

Save Time

  • Feed hay once a day—slow feed netting means you don’t have to meal feed your hay
  • Quickly load 2 bales in the feeder in less than a minute
  • Realize the benefits of slow-feed hay bags, without the loading time.

Peace of mind … 

Your horses have a healthy hay feeding system that is safe, efficient and durable.

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